Cool 🙌🏽! I'll let you know when It's Available For Purchase.

By The Way, Do You Have A Copy Of My 1st Book, ALL IN?!

...if not, as a sign of thank you 🙏🏽, feel free to grab a digital copy below at half the price vs what it is on Amazon!

ALL IN is an inspirational book, ultimately written to help Christian men and women experience consistent spiritual and personal growth in their lives so they can hear from the Master, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” 


  • ​Exposes what fake vs real Christianity looks like
  • ​Explains the Jewish cultural background of what a disciple is
  • ​Reveals the complete message of Jesus Christ that has been silenced by religion
  • ​Dissects the words in red, spoken by the Rabbi, detailing who He says His true disciples are
  • ​Shows Christians how to live as real disciples so we can do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission
  • ​Helps you to build a rock solid, unshakeable relationship with God the Father so you can live your best life

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